It's a new year and that means getting all your resolutions set to go whether that's working out, picking up a new hobby, or even just doing something small. One trend from 2023 that people are adopting in 2024 is acknowledging their glimmer moments.

Glimmer moments (or just glimmers) are those moments in life where you are truly happy and for a few moments forget about all that is troubling you. One popular example of a glimmer moment is in the popular Disney film 'Lilo & Stitch' when the character Nani is struggling to find a job and have her sister taken away. She then decides to have a beach day with her little sister and if you focus on Nani you can see her worries. Those worries are then taken away as she enjoys the glimmer moment of being with her sister.

Many people on social media are stating that for the 2024 year they are going to start incorporating this new glimmer mentality but also want to encourage more glimmer moments. That means acknowledging the moments and being thankful for that time that you are enjoying while also manifesting more glimmer moments into your life. That means stop being doubtful and negative, because we can all tend to focus on the negative, and look at the positive tiny moments we take for granted.

So play with your kids, your pets, smell the flowers, laugh a lot, and fall in love because 2024 is a new year with lots of glimmer moments just waiting for you. Will you be focusing on enjoying glimmer moments throughout 2024 and accepting more of them into your life or will you just focus on the bad moments? Let us know in the comments along with your best glimmer moment of 2023!

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