With a population of over 30 million people, Texas is a rapidly growing state.

Texas gained nearly half a million people from July 2022 to July 2023. With the United States as a whole gaining 1.6 million people, the Texas increase accounted for nearly 30% of that total. That is more than any other state during that time span.

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While most of the state’s population is located in our two largest cities, Houston and San Antonio, our capital is also a popular spot.

Austin rapidly grew in population in the 90s with a population increase of over 40% and has continued to steadily grow through the 2020s. While the focus has been on all of the people moving to this part of Texas, especially out-of-staters (looking at you, California), another city snuck up the rankings.

Fort Worth used to have a larger population than Austin back in the 80s and earlier, but as Austin grew in population, the larger city fell back in population numbers. That is until it apparently became a hot spot over the past decade.

As Austin sees their population evening out, Fort Worth is continuing to grow.

Fort Worth has a population of 956,709 as of 2022, while Austin wasn’t far ahead with 974,447 people. It is estimated by some people that Fort Worth has likely overtaken Austin in population by this time in 2024.

Considering Fort Worth is the third largest city in Texas when it comes to land, it makes sense, but did you ever think it would get so popular?

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