It's always interesting when I come across something I can slide in the "only in Amarillo" file. This one has to qualify though, because I've never heard of something like this happening, yet for some reason, I'm not exactly shocked it happened here.

A dog is recovering after ingesting methamphetamine and amphetamine here in Amarillo. It happened at a local thrift store where the dog was with her owner.

Julie Young, the owner of America’s Best Thrift and Discount said a customer noticed something wrong with the dog, Fancy, and mentioned it to Young. She went over to Fancy and noticed something was definitely off with her.

Young told KAMR Local 4, “She just kept being so unsettled and stopping and staring and I can’t remember at that time if she was panting, but once we started realizing something really had gotten Fancy stirred up, we started working to figure out what it was. We could not get her settled down at all. Then, she just had this erratic behavior. Panting, panting, stomping her feet, staring, staring,” and that's when she started to panic a bit.

Her and her husband tried to get Fancy to calm down but were unsuccessful, so they decided to take video and call a vet. Initially, the vet thought it was an allergic reaction to something, but told them to keep an eye on her and give her some Benadryl.

After doing so, they waited a bit. Her condition didn't improve. That's when they took her to the Small Animal Emergency Clinic and she tested positive for drugs. After getting treatment, Fancy is doing ok and appears to have no long lasting effects.

The bigger question now is how did the drugs make it into the thrift store? Did they fall on the ground from a customer? Did someone actually FEED Fancy the drugs? Was it something that was on an item brought into the store?

So many questions, but I know one thing. I'll be looking very closely at items I pick up and purchase in ANY store after hearing about this.

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