They are some of the most iconic figures in football. The gold standard if you may when it comes to cheerleaders in the NFL, and they live right here in Texas. Yes, I'm talking about the incomparable Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

Now, every good idea comes from SOME kind of inspiration right? Whether it's some crazy concept that you come up with in our head, or it's something you see that makes you believe there's more you can do with it.

In the case of the Cowboys cheerleaders, it was the latter, a woman aptly named Bubbles.

Bubbles Cash was a stripper at the Carousel Club, a place in Dallas that was owned by none other than Lee Harvey Oswald assassin Jack Ruby. However, it wasn't her dancing at the club that caused a stir and eventually became the inspiration for the Cowboys cheerleading squad.

Cash was at the Cotton Bowl when she caught the eye of pretty much everyone was just walking down the steps to her seat. She was this buxom blonde wearing a mini skirt carrying some cotton candy. Guys couldn't take their eyes off her.

Her popularity would reach incredible heights after that moment. She went viral before viral was even a thing, and she used it fully to her advantage. Recognizing that she had become famous from that one moment, Cash decided to use it.

In 1967, Cash decided to run for Governor of Texas as a write-in candidate. Her campaign was driven by an anti-Vietnam war platform, but she wouldn't get the necessary votes she needed to stay in the race. She would stay away from politics until 1990 when she decided to give it another go.

In 1970, she decided to give up dancing at the club. She was already a gold and silver jewelry saleswoman, and as recently as 2017, was running her own place called Top Cash in Ft. Worth.

So how exactly did Bubbles Cash inspire the idea for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders? Well that's because none other than Cowboys legend Tex Schramm saw that same clip everyone else did of her at the Cotton Bowl.

That moment inspired the idea behind the cheerleading squad, their look, and how they would be not just a squad on the sidelines, but a part of the spectacle that was Dallas Cowboys football. Many have tried to chase down the success of the squad, but to no avail.

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are as iconic as the team itself, even getting their own reality show about the grueling tryout process and anticipation of making the squad. It's known as the pinnacle of professional cheerleading and has been for awhile.

And it all started because of a woman named Bubbles.

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