In Texas, we're so big we see a lot of different things pop up and often. Nothing is really "new" to us, and when something opens, it's not typically a rarity. However, something has popped up here that we haven't seen in 30 years.

The craziest thing about it is that it's something you wouldn't think possible, especially considering the drought we've been in for quite some time, but it's here, and it's perfect.

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Texas has its first new lake in nearly 30 years and they names it Bois D'Arc Lake. It's based an hour or so outside the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area and it's a beautiful manmade lake. This isn't some small lake either.

It comes complete with boat ramps so you can head on out and do some fishing. In fact, the word is the fishing at it has been pretty phenomenal. Richard Saccaro from McAlester, Oklahoma said he caught 50 fish between two and four pounds, so not exactly tiny ones.

While the lake has proven to be quite the fishing haven already, the nearly 17,000 acre lake has a primary use, and that's to help provide water for much of North Texas. The North Texas Municipal Water District created the lake and manages it as well.

North Texas Municipal Water District Executive Director Jenna Covington said, "The addition of Bois D'Arc Lake to our portfolio water supplies will allow us to continue to provide that safe and reliable source of water for generations to come."

It's also providing a ton of excitement for people as many have been seen fishing and kayaking on the lake already. One family said they can't wait to buy a boat now. So get on out and check out the latest addition to our great state.

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