Air travel can be stressful for many in the state of Texas.

But why would it be stressful for someone to get on an airplane to go somewhere you ask? There's plenty of reasons. Security could be taking too long, which is a prime example isn't it?

Others include people blocking your way to the gate, or perhaps a young child could be running around causing chaos for others. So, to say the least, everybody handles air travel differently.

But the most important part? How one gets to the airport of course. Some get a ride to the airport, while others simply park their vehicle at the airfield and leave it there. Some even allow you to reserve a spot before you go!

While the Austin, Texas airport has recently allowed one to do this, it appears the offer has been put on hold, for a short time.

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Reserving Parking Spots At Austin, Texas Airport On Hiatus

Parking Spots

Why is this happening now you may ask? As per the website for ABIA, it "helps ensure parking is available to all customers." KXAN also received a statement via a spokesperson:

We have temporarily paused the reservation to allow for all our parking inventory to be available on a first-come, first-served basis to serve a wider range of customers," the statement went on: "We expect parking availability to ebb and flow throughout the summer months, so travelers are encouraged to check real-time parking availability before they head to the airport.”

So, if you're looking to reserve parking at the Austin airport, you won't able to until August 10, 2024. Just remember to have a little patience when parking!

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