A traffic stop that occurred on May 5th of 2024 has resulted in two adults being taken into custody for multiple charges. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

Details Of The Traffic Stop

Per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, law enforcement in Smith County conducted a traffic stop, with the father and mother inside the car being unidentified at the time of writing. Officers stopped the vehicle due to a traffic violation, but while conducting the stop, detected the scent of marijuana from the vehicle.

Using probable cause as a reason, law enforcement looked inside the vehicle, and found raw marijuana in the car's trunk, reported as four bags worth. After officers questioned the male and female in the car further, speculating more drugs were hidden from them.

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Fentanyl Discovered In Baby's Diaper After Further Questioning

According to the report, the deputy on scene requested that the baby's diaper be changed, as they noted it appeared to full. When the diaper was removed, officers found a pill bottle, which was discovered to have pressed fentanyl in it.

Following the finding of the pressed fentanyl, both parents were taken into custody, and charged with the following:

- endangering a child
- manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance
- possession of marijuana

The bonds for both the father and the mother were also set at $105,000. The unidentified baby was taken to Child Protective Services following the parent's apprehension.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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