The Texas summer is soon to be upon the state.

Many here in the Lone Star State are not looking forward to the heat here. After all, nobody truly enjoys triple digit temperatures do they? But then the heat goes up, so does the power usage in the state.

One of the major things Texans turn up? None other than the air conditioning. But that's just one thing that grows in usage, as other items work just as hard in the Texas sun.

However, the Texas power grid has shown in the past that sometimes the heat can be difficult to deal with. So much so that recent data could make residents in the state nervous.

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Texas Placed Highly On List For Power Outages Due To Heat


As reported by MySanAntonio, the Lone Star State placed second in the nation for the power going out due to extreme heat. Michigan was the only state ranked above the Lone Star State. The reasoning for the high ranking was simple.

Data revealed that last year, in 2023, the state of Texas had a total of 71 hours without power due to the heat the state experienced. Further examination revealed that the city of El Paso suffered most with the power experienced issues.

But how does one ready themselves for potential power outages? Karl Trollinger, Texas Electricity Ratings CEO provided these tips, per a press release:

“Simple steps like keeping refrigerator and freezer doors closed to preserve perishable food, ensuring you have a ready supply of batteries and alternative power sources, equipping each family member with a flashlight, and unplugging appliances to prevent potential damage when power is restored."

Be prepared for a hot summer Texas!

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