Is tipping out of control these days? It seems like everyone wants a tip for everything. Back in the day, the only people who got tipped were waiters and waitresses because they received a small hourly wage. Now it seems like everyone wants a tip for everything.

Before we get too far into this, let me just say I am a generous tipper in most situations.

I get tipping your server 20%. A lot of people kind of treat that as the norm. Some people will tip based on service and might tip even more than that. But today it seems like no matter the profession a tip is required. It's like we have to tip people for just doing their jobs. No tips me for just showing up.

I understand tipping a driver, I also understand tipping a bell person at a hotel those people typically work for tips.

I was reading something today on social media that was asking the same question, is tipping out of control? I have this conversation all the time. If I am paying you to do a service usually at a higher price point then shouldn't that cover everything?

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Here is where I have a problem, when I go to get a massage it costs $65 dollars for an hour and I give you a $15 tip and the girl looks at me like I'm crazy. One day I made the mistake of giving her a $100 bill and she kept the change. Let's break this down. First of all, you just made $60 an hour. I get it you have a trained skill that you are using but do you know how many people would love to make $60 an hour? Then I give you a $15 tip which is more than 20%

Another place I don't understand tipping is to-go orders. Are you supposed to tip for to-go orders? Sometimes I feel bad so I tip a few dollars but doesn't that just get eaten up in credit card fees?

What is your stance on tipping?

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