I have to say, I'm always down for a good recommendation. If you're like me, when you are heading to a city or state that you've never visited before or maybe it's been a few years, you start asking around for things to do or places to eat. This is pretty much what happened to me recently, when a friend of mine found out I would be visiting a place she used to live. 


When a girlfriend heard I would be in the Round Rock, Texas area she insisted I hit up the 'world famous Round Rock donuts' and said these would be the 'best donuts I have ever had in my life!' Pretty strong words for someone who has no clue how I truly feel about donuts.

I wouldn't call myself a donut fanatic but I like donuts and happen to think that everyone's favorite donuts in the 432, which rhymes with smothern paid, are too greasy and heavy. Yeah, I said it.

I love light, flaky, perfectly (sweet) glazed donuts. Not too hard, not days old cold either and they have to pair well with a glass of milk because I will legit commit to 2 or 3 in one sitting. So...what was the verdict? As you can see, we did stop. We stood in a long but fast-moving line. We got a dozen for our family of 4 thinking if they are as good as she says they are we need to allow for at least 3 a piece right?

I have to say, for all the hype..they were a huge letdown! They were nice and warm, freshly made and that's about all the good I can say about them. Otherwise, they got mushy and stuck together pretty quickly and were not even very sweet. And also she did not bother to warn me about the fact that they would be orange. What? Why? They don't taste like orange? Sorry RR, you can keep your 'world famous donuts.' I've had better in my hometown.

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