As a mother of three, I've got quite a bit of mom knowledge under my belt, but I still do not vow to know everything. I mean, almost but not quite. (I kid, I kid) I have a mom group to whom I reach out for advice and vice versa. It is extremely important to have a good circle of friends you can reach out to for a little help from time to time. Trust me when I say I do.


So my friend 'Ashley' recently asked if 4th grade is too young for a child to have a phone. As a mom to a little one around the same age, I followed the comments for this one. Here are a few answers she received in the thread:

  • Tricia said middle school is a good age
  • Holly says once a child hits their teen years, so 13
  • Kim said her 2nd grader has a phone for safety reasons but knows not to use it otherwise
  • Jessica said 5th grade is a good age
  • Veronica said to hold out as long as possible so children will not be exposed to the internet super early
  • Priscilla said that when a child is old enough to pay for their phone, that is when they are allowed to have one in their home
  • Photo by Fausto Sandoval on Unsplash
    Photo by Fausto Sandoval on Unsplash

    All respectable, valid reasons and I will say that in our household, it is typically jr high age when our children begin to play school sports and need a phone to call for a ride that they can have a cell phone.

    Perhaps this is a question you have been mulling over in your household? These are merely, (hopefully) helpful suggestions.

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