Jacob's Well can be found in Wimberley, Texas just North West of San Marcos. On the surface, the Well is a beautiful and inviting natural swimming hole but below is one of the longest underwater caves in Texas. It's also one of the most dangerous in Texas.Many people visit the Well each year for the cool swim but there are those adventurous few that choose to dive into the depths. There are 4 chambers that make up the Well. The first chamber is a 30 foot drop and where most of the fun takes place; it then angles down another 55 feet to the second chamber.

The second chamber is a funnel that runs to 80 ft. This chamber also contains a 'false chimney' where you can end up trapped, thinking it's a way out.

The third chamber is a room. The room has a silt and gravel floor that, if disturbed, can create a cloud that is extremely hard to see through. Divers must be extremely careful when entering the third chamber. The room then leads to the fourth and final chamber.

Only a handful of divers have been to this level and made it back out alive. Those that have made it to this level were highly trained in cave dives like the SMART divers (San Marcos Area Recovery Team). In 2000, the team found the remains of a diver who went missing in 1979.

Don't let the diving dangers keep you from checking out this beautiful spring though. According to the Hays County website scuba diving is now prohibited. It is meant to be a fun place for friends and families to gather and enjoy the hot summer days. The park is closed for the rest of the year but will reopen in the Spring, just in time for those Spring Break vacations.

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