As any movie fan worth their salt will undoubtedly recall, Back to the Future Part II imagined a timeline in which we had hoverboards, automatic lace-up sneakers, futuristic Pepsi (more on that here), and…Jaws 19. Robert Zemeckis’ time-traveling sequel was almost eerily prescient in its imagining of the future of blockbuster franchises, and now there’s an official trailer for Jaws 19 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the best film franchises in history.

Seemingly taking a cue from that wild end credits montage in 22 Jump Street, the Jaws 19 trailer takes us through the history of a franchise no one on earth would ever want — there’s a prequel, a sequel to a prequel, the obvious cash-grabs, and Fifty Scales of Grey, in which Jaws learns some hard truths about love, or something.

In Back to the Future Part II, we got a brief peek at Jaws 19, which was playing via holofilm at the Holomax Theater in Hill Valley in October 2015. You can watch that original scene below:

Universal is going all out to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic BTTF trilogy — we’re also getting a special edition “futuristic” Pepsi to commemorate the occasion. You won’t get to see the actual Jaws 19 in theaters, but you can enjoy this trailer and ponder the horrors of a world in which Steven Spielberg allowed Universal to make even more terrible Jaws sequels.

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