I actually think the winner of the auction probably got a good deal in the long run. --RJ

The white suit John Lennon wore on the cover of the Beatles' 1969 Abbey Road album fetched $46,000 at an auction in Connecticut over the weekend.


According to Patch.com, bids on the the hand-made wool-blend knit suit were made both in person and online. The two-piece suit came to the Braswell Galleries from an anonymous collector of Lennon memorabilia who bought it for $120,000 in 2005.

  • According to the U.K.'s Guardian, Lennon gave the suit to friend Richard Ross. After Ross died, the suit was sold to various collectors.
  • The auction also featured other Lennon memorabilia, including a 1972 Chrysler station wagon.
  • Meanwhile, Lennon's legacy continues with a Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace Tower, which was lit last week on Vioey Island in Reykjavik, Iceland. According to RollingStone.com, Ono says the outdoor work, dedicated to Lennon, "emanates wisdom, healing and joy. Ono is encouraging fans to send messages to the tower via Twitter, Facebook, email and postcards.

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