Suit, no tie! That's how Justin Timberlake, the sharp-dressed, good-looking and charming gentleman, covers the Men of the Year issue of GQ.

JT, known for his snazzy and enviable sense of style, is both scruffy and sexy on the cover, wearing a fitted, forest green suit and layers! It's all about the layers, with the grey V-neck and white collared shirt underneath.

We're digging that five o'clock shadow. He's got that smoldering stare thing down pat, too.

2013 has certainly been a banner year for JT. He made his return to music with the two-part 'The 20/20 Experience,' the first of which is the best-selling new album of 2013. His journey back to music was not only welcome; it was celebrated. He trumpeted his comeback with a hilarious turn on 'SNL' and continued to try and revive Myspace, of which he is a primary investor. His former band 'N Sync reunited at the 2013 VMAs.

Now, he's about to perform at the 2013 AMAs for the first time as a solo act.

He's also been a newlywed for a year and continued to appear in films.

Yep, all those things combined make Justin Timberlake worthy of being one of the Men of the Year.

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