With all the cherry pie references Katy Perry’s been making on Twitter, one would think the music video for "Bon Appetit" might be a pastel-filled, bakery shoppe treat a la "California Gurls." One would be very, very wrong. Dead wrong, in fact.

"Bon Appetit" is sinister instead of sweet. The murderous, meat-pie-pushing Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd would no doubt find it to be an absolute delight.

Before it digs in, the video flashes a neon "NSFW" sign. Then, a cellophane wrapped Perry in a nude bodysuit is seen upon a bed with eyes closed. Right quick, a gaggle of chefs cuts her loose before sending her tumbling into a room full of powder for some tenderizing massage prep where Perry is twisted and pulled like Stretch Armstrong.


Next up, the singer is placed upon a cutting board as veggies are tossed upon her. Obviously, the right move to make after chopped carrots have decorated your body would be to get in a hotub-sized pot of boiling water for cooking purposes. Can't have a room-temp Perry for dinner, after all. While in the tub, there's basting with oil and a manicure. Because that's how you do.

At this point, Perry is almost good enough to eat. A few finishing touches -- there's a hot flame to the tongue crème brûlée-style -- and then the main dish is served to waiting guests in a dimly lit restaurant.


As Perry lays prone upon a table decorated in seafood, Migos starts to chime in nearby about "sweet potato pie," etc. A singing oyster joins the rap trio, begging the case that this bizarre video is about the get even weirder.


At the ring of a dinner bell, the dinner guests who have sat down to get a piece of Perry are suddenly tied up and blindfolded by chefs. In a not-at-all-subtle move, a stripper pole shoots up through Perry's legs, and she gets up to twirl around it while the restaurant goers are hacked to pieces off screen.

In the final shot of "Bon Appetit," Perry smirks evilly and readies her utensils to indulge in some cannibalism. The last thing we see is a cherry/meat pie with various body parts protruding from it.

Perry's music video would make Mrs. Lovett proud. Though Lovett was referencing cats, she was still the first to croon, "Have to hand it to her, what I calls enterprise / Popping pussies into pies."