I've given up trying to figure out how in the heck this kid was able to do this, and just how many times he had to try it before he was finally successful.

YouTube user Kevin Libertowski is a master at pulling off incredible acrobatic trick shots on his backyard basketball goal. The 19-year-old shoots out of back flips, off mini and regular-sized trampolines, in the rain and other stupid ridiculous ways.

But his latest feat might just be the most insane yet.

He has two basketballs, one in his hands and the other between his legs. He lofts the first ball while doing a back flip, and the other while doing a front flip. But here's the kicker: he times the first one on a bounce and the other in the air so they both go in almost simultaneously.

Some users have cried fake, but Kevin is adamant the video is real and took him many times to pull it off. And if you check out his other videos, you can tell he's got an incredible knack for this stuff.

There's no other way to say it: WOW.

Kevin Libertowski Trick Shots

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