Lady Gaga shared a 90-second snippet of the title track of 'ARTPOP' and from this limited sample, we can tell that it's her signature brand of electro pop.

It's not as avant-garde as we were expecting, given the title and Gaga's propensity for pushing envelopes, but it's still a catchy tune.

When she sings the chorus, it reminds us a wee bit of Madonna, when she does this little falsetto vocal thing.

Ma Monster's vocals are processed quite a bit and when she sings, "My ARTPOP could mean anything," we get the point.

There should be no expectations of 'ARTPOP,' since Gaga seems to be inventing it as she goes along and it's her concept to define and design.

The album drops on Nov. 11, which is pretty much right around the corner.

PopCrushers and little monsters, what do you think of the snippet of 'ARTPOP?' Is it everything you imagined, hoped and dreamed it would be? Tell us in the comments field below.