Lady Gaga addressed her "feud" -- we're not sure what state things are in at this point, after the reductive thing, Madge mashing up 'Born This Way' with 'Express Yourself' during her live shows on the MDNA tour as if to say, "Look how similar her new song is to my old song" and that whole Yankee Stadium invite -- with Madonna in her Attitude magazine cover.

Gaga, who covers Attitude's December issue with a pile of white dreads atop her head and bejeweled specs, admitted her feelings for Madonna, saying she "looked up to her for a long time" and referred to Madge's mashup, saying “I’m not quite sure what her intention was — to do that in the show — but I don’t really care."

Gaga admitted to being "completely floored that Madonna was singing my song on her stage every night." She also told the U.K. gay mag, "I’m certainly not thinking about anybody but me and my fans when I’m on stage. The fact that I was on her mind at all. I mean, Madonna’s … she’s Madonna," Ma Monster said.

We don't think that her mashing up the two songs was a compliment, but Gaga does have a point there. Maybe Madge's intent wasn't as realized as she thought.

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