We’re still feeling out a world post-Late Show With David Letterman, but Stephen Colbert is already gearing up and shaving down for his big debut. The former Colbert Report host finally ditches his Colbeard in prep for the September debut, and you may never look at hot dogs the same way again.

Our first look at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert arrives way in advance of the September 8 premiere, though we at least get to see the revered host getting rid of the grizzly white beard we’ve seen in recent months, and in stages to boot. It’s of interest that the video also affords our first look at the real Colbert’s mellower sense of humor, rather than the exaggerated right-wing version presented alongside Jon Stewart.

You can check out Colbert’s first taste of Late Show fame in the full video above, and for the love of Letterman, don’t eat any hot dogs for a good long while. Preferably until the September 8 premiere.

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