Lena Dunham has come under fire for the lack of ethnic diversity on her HBO show 'Girls,' and being part of the firestorm that erupted after that Lisa Lampanelli tweet didn't help matters any.

Now she's waded into another controversy, essentially saying if you find Anne Hathaway the slightest bit annoying, you're a detriment to feminism -- especially if you've ever laughed at Seth MacFarlane's jokes.

In a post-Oscars Twitter rant, Dunham responded to the Hathaway backlash, some of which apparently involved Anne's big smile and the teeth therein.

When Dunham faced backlash of her own for that tweet, she tried to clarify her meaning:

That was a clear dig at MacFarlane, who performed a song by that name at the 2013 Oscars. Of course, the song was merely a joke about the prevalence of topless scenes among those women in the crowd, but apparently some people took it very seriously.

Once Dunham, whose boobs everyone with a cable subscription has seen on an almost weekly basis for a while now, realized the "ragers" weren't going to get too on board with her, she did what she's previously done when confronted with issues she's uncomfortable defending or addressing (like that Lampanelli tweet, for example): she avoided it.

We're not sure what a song about topless movie scenes has to do with women's liberation, unless bras were burned in the films too -- but what do we know.

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