Lindsey Buckingham described himself as “someone who likes to look forward and not back” as he launched his first solo tour following his dismissal from Fleetwood Mac.

He delivered a 21-song set at the Revolution Hall in Portland, Ore., on Oct. 7, just days after his former colleagues began their first road trip with a new lineup. Buckingham’s performance included five Mac songs: “Never Going Back Again,” “Big Love,” “Tusk,” “I’m So Afraid” and “Go Your Own Way.”

He also debuted his own tracks “Surrender the Rain” and “I Must Go,” while “Street of Dreams” hadn’t had a live airing since 1993. All the solo songs he performed appear on a recent anthology release, with the exception of  “Slow Dancing” and “Soul Drifter.”

You can watch some performance videos and see the complete set list below.

“I have to say, it was kind of cathartic,” he told the audience of the recently released Solo Anthology - The Best of Lindsey Buckingham. “It was a pleasure putting it together, being someone who likes to look forward and not back, it’s not something I’d really taken stock of … but it really was a pleasure to put together.”

He later introduced his band – keyboardists Brett Tuggle and Neil Heywood, bassist Federico Pol and drummer Jimmy Paxson – noting that they “cover a lot of ground” during performances. “We’re having a great time,” he said.

During a recent interview in which he revealed how he’d been fired from Fleetwood Mac over the phone, he also confirmed he was planning to release a new solo album, tentatively entitled Blue Light, next year.

“Am I heartbroken about not doing another tour with Fleetwood Mac?" he reflected. "No, because I can see that there are many other areas to look into.”

Lindsey Buckingam, Revolution Hall, Portland, Ore., 10/7/18
1. “Don’t Look Down”
2. “Go Insane”
3. “Surrender the Rain”
4. “Not Too Late”
5. “Doing What I Can”
6. “Trouble”
7. “I Must Go”
8. “Street of Dreams”
9. “Shut Us Down”
10. “Never Going Back Again”
11. “Big Love”
12. “In Our Own Time”
13. “Slow Dancing”
14. “Soul Drifter”
15. “Holiday Road”
16. “Tusk”
17. “I’m So Afraid”
18. “Go Your Own Way”
19. “Turn It On”
20. “Down on Rodeo”
21. “Treason”


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