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I recently asked on Facebook, "what you would do if you won $200 million from the lottery." We received a ton of answers they ranged from buying groceries to buying gas, a lot said they would go on some extensive vacations, or even disappear for a while.

I gave that question a lot of thought and came up with this answer. If I win $200 million dollars from the lottery I found the perfect home for me to hide out in, forever. I want this really cool, relaxing home that's up for sale in Blanco Texas and they call it "Riverside Paradise."

I believe that they got it exactly right by calling it Paradise. First off, the home is no castle by any means. It's rather normal by the size of the house and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Here's what the Riverside Paradise in Blanko has to offer. It only has three bedrooms but they're all a pretty good size. Each bedroom has a bathroom and there's a main bathroom.

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Living the dream becomes a reality in Blanco Texas with this multi-million dollar property. Take a look.

It only has 2,400 square feet with lots more space in the great outdoors. For example, there are over 900 feet of just frontage to the Blanco River, thus the name Riverside Paradise. Be aware, that this home sits higher than the Blanco River.

Plus, you'll find real granite floors, alabaster sinks, and Italian marble countertops throughout the house. Then there's the swimming pool with a huge hot tub a side sun deck, a greenhouse, a workshop, and a separate studio/office.

So, yes you can be living the dream in a home surrounded by trees in the Riverside Paradise in Blanco, Texas.

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