Sometimes strangers touch us in ways we never imagined possible. This is a story that you may need a tissue for but it's worth your time. Imagine carrying a baby to term but having to deliver a stillborn. Then having to go home to a fully decorated nursery.

That's exactly what happened to a woman in Minnesota. The week before her delivery the baby began moving less and less and she knew something wasn't right. When she went to the hospital to deliver the baby was stillborn.

Now the mom had to come to terms with the death and face putting away the nursery. She held on to the baby crib for a while but during a garage sale a few months later someone noticed it in a corner and asked to buy it.

She reluctantly said yes, but she sold it to the perfect person. The mans wife had learned of the reason for the crib not being used and told her husband the story when they left. Turns out he purchased the crib to make a bench out of but decided the new piece should be returned to the woman and not sold.

He made a beautiful bench that is functional yet sentimental too. It's a beautiful story and a lovely piece of furniture.

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