Who remembers the game show Match Game? I loved that game show when I was a kid. Well, get ready because it's coming back.

The host will be Alec Baldwin and it's all part of ABC's Sunday Fun & Games Night that starts up June 26.

A first thought that comes to mind when I think of Match Game is all the celebrities on the show laughing. I just loved Richard Dawson. He was my favorite. I also loved Password and Let's Make a Deal. Check out the video below of the original Match Game back in 1973 hosted by Gene Rayburn.

Two other game shows will air as well  Celebrity Family Feud  with Steve Harvey hosting and $100,000 Pyramid. I loved that one too back in the day with Dick Clark. The new version with be hosted by Michael Strahan.

What was your favorite game show growing up? Take our poll below.


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