Even though Michael Nesmith has bid farewell to his days as part of the Monkees, he's not slowing down. After giving what he said was his final performance with the group last year, Nesmith took some time to wrap up his autobiography, which will be published on April 18.

Infinite Tuesday: An Autobiographical Riff tells the story of Nesmith's life, starting with his childhood in Dallas -- where he was raised by a single mother, Bette, who invented Liquid Paper -- and moving on to the set of The Monkees in Los Angeles, where he became a star with his three young bandmates.

Along the way, Nesmith became a pioneering force in the fields of music video and virtual reality. Infinite Tuesday will covers those subjects too.

To accompany the book, Rhino will release a companion album four days earlier on April 14 with the slightly modified title, Infinite Tuesday: Autobiographical Riffs. The compilation which will include 14 tracks from Nesmith's career, starting with his first recording, "The New Recruit," which he made under the name Michael Blessing.

The selections run all the way up through the mid-'00s, and feature solo tracks, songs recorded with the Monkees, cuts by his country-rock group, the First National Band, his 1979 cult hit "Cruisin'" and a solo take on "Different Drum," a song he wrote that became Linda Ronstadt's breakout single with the Stone Poneys. Infinite Tuesday: An Autobiographical Riff will be available in physical and digital formats.

Michael Nesmith, 'Infinite Tuesday: Autobiographical Riffs' Track Listing
1. "The New Recruit" - Michael Blessing
2. "Papa Gene's Blues" - The Monkees
3. "Different Drum"
4. "The Girl I Knew Somewhere" - First Recorded Version/Stereo Remix
5. "Listen To The Band" - Single Version
6. "Joanne"
7. "Silver Moon"
8. "Some Of Shelly's Blues"
9. "Opening Theme - Life, The Unsuspecting Captive"
10. "Rio"
11. "Cruisin'"
12. "Light"
13. "Laugh Kills Lonesome"
14. "Rays"

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