Seven months after a statue of Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister was unveiled at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, his band's drummer, Mikkey Dee, paid a visit to it. A camera crew tagged along, and you can watch it below.

The video was produced by Headbangr and follows Dee as he takes pictures and shakes hands with fans, then makes his way to the statue, which is fittingly located near Lemmy's stool. "They did a good job," he said noting that it was the right height as he stood next to it. However, Dee noted that Lemmy would "be absolutely f---ing pissed off right now. You know why? It's too bright," at which point he impersonated Lemmy shouting "Turn the light off!"

Dee appreciated the detail that went into creating the statue, adding that “His face — he was sick, a little sick here, but that was Lemmy. He was a scruffy old bastard.” After taking photos with fans in front of the statue, he added, “It’s a piece of art and you know, Lemmy is wherever watching and he’d be so proud. I mean, this was his second home — actually it was his first home! His apartment was his second home.”

Dee concludes by raising a bottle to the statue and saying, "Cheers, old buddy. I miss you."

Lemmy's statue was unveiled last August, eight months after his death and following a successful crowdfunding campaign. It was created by local artist Travis Moore, and they hope to expand the memorial by building a bass amp stack with a plaque listing the 900 people who contributed to the campaign.

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