Forget ashtrays and heartbreaks. It's astronauts and aliens!

Miley Cyrus is an alien and rapper Future is an astronaut who discovers her and is thus enraptured by every move she makes in the video for his track 'Real and True.'

Much like she was in her video for 'Wrecking Ball,' Miley is naked. This time, she is covered in silver, sparkly body paint. And there are close-ups of her face and those baby blues. Again, like the 'Ball' video.

The vid is incredibly sensual and Miley and Future never even touch each other. It's all longing looks, suggestion, body language and innuendo, as they are pressed up against a glass wall, gazing at one another, as she sings to him.

It's incredibly erotic. We're not sure if Miley was once an astronaut and changed in space, but one thing is for sure -- this video will get you thinking.

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