The results of a new study are out, showing what those of us who love music knew all along.  Listening to music causes our brains to release dopamine, the same feel good chemical that ramps up when we eat a great meal, have sex, or use certain drugs (legal and illegal).


According to the Associated Press story, subjects in the study published in Nature Neuroscience even got more of the euphoric chemical when songs reached a favorite point within a musical composition.  The study also explains why music is so universally enjoyed across different cultures.  It just flat makes us feel good.

Music is the reason I got into this business of radio when I was 17 years old.  I wanted to be immersed in music, and in contact with the musicians who create it.  And think about it, music is a way to get that 'feel good' without doing damage to your body that could result in overindulgence in the above mentioned other activities.  (Hearing damage notwithstanding)

By the way, this study also indicated that we feed the same part of our minds when we view art.   And I can tell you that if you listen to music and view art on your walls at the same time, it can really make for a nice, relaxing experience.  Stress relief is a benefit we all need in an increasingly faster paced world.  Thanks for listening to your music on the True Oldies Channel! (via

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