This Friday, November 18h, is the 13th annual Mission: Thanksgiving at Arrow Ford, 4001 South First.  That's 13 years of helping the homeless and the needy in Abilene.  And we need your help again this year.  Join our Townsquare family of radio stations on Friday, and bring your donations of warm clothing, non-perishable food items, and cash to benefit Love & Care Ministries. 

With the economic downturn, the problem of homelessness has increased in our area.  And it's easy to help with Mission: Thanksgiving.  Just drive through the Arrow Ford parking lot between 7am and 7pm with your donations.  You don't even have to get out of your car.  Plenty of volunteers will be on hand to accept your donations and get you in and out in a hurry.  Just 36 cents will provide a meal, so the change in your pocket can help a lot.

Here are the latest facts about the homeless in Abilene, directly from the Mission Thanksgiving website at Mission

Last year alone, we received 11 semi-trailers full of clothing, non-perishable foods, blankets, sleeping bags, coats, bottled water & drinks, shoes, socks, and hygiene items. In addition, over $140,000 was raised, with over 5,500 vehicles driving through Arrow Ford to donate in just one day. In spite of the overwhelming response, food and drink items were distributed in 4 months and clothing in 11 months.

Although there are many agencies in Abilene that work with the disadvantaged, Mission: Thanksgiving’s efforts all go to support Love and Care Ministries. This Non-Profit organization is led by Mark Hewitt, Executive Director and Founder. This organization goes to the streets of Abilene daily, and travels to various areas where homeless people camp to provide food, clothes, and assistance wherever they are needed.

With just 36¢, Love and Care Ministries can create 1 sack lunch. $10 is enough to feed 27 people, and $500 can make 1,388 meals! Even the smallest donations can help make a difference in these people’s lives.

There are an estimated 400+ residential homeless people in Abilene, and about 2,000 more transient homeless travel through Abilene each year. Children make up 20% of these numbers, which do not include the poor who benefit from the food and clothing services. That said, it is obvious just how many people benefit from drives like Mission: Thanksgiving.

We hope to see you this Friday!  Thanks to Arrow Ford, 4001 South First, and to Love & Care Ministries for creating an event that makes a difference due to your generosity. Thanks for  your help.

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