What if, instead of a clever comedy about a large, blended family, the hit sitcom ‘Modern Family’ was a horror movie about a disturbed teenaged girl? That’s the question posed by YouTube user Trevorama in this clever mash-up.

The psychotic girl is question is Claire and Phil Dunphy’s daughter Alex. On the show she’s a brainy, snarky comedic foil to her more dimwitted sister Haley, but the trailer below makes her into someone who loves to see other people injured, someone who keeps secrets and someone who just may be a killer.

Along with the fact that Alex’s deadpan delivery lends itself to the traditional serial killer role, ‘Modern Family’s’ use of hand-held cameras makes the trailer look like it could be a ‘Paranormal Activity’-type horror flick. Watch what happens when one of America’s favorite sitcoms goes the psychological horror route below.

[via BuzzFeed]

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