The Monkees have cancelled the remainder of their 46th anniversary tour citing 'business reasons' as the cause. There's undoubtedly more going on than they're making public, but the gist of the issue according to Micky Dolenz is that a promoter booked numerous dates without checking with the band.


If you know the history of recent Monkees tours, these guys don't always get along. Peter Tork bowed out of the last reunion tour, saying that he could not work with the Dolenz and Davy Jones due to their, uh, habits off stage.

It's a shame because the tour was garnering excellent reviews. In that past instance, Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz toured as a duo version of The Monkees on a couple of outings and seemed to have a blast. This time however, I would wager that there will be no more Monkees reunion tours. Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz have announced several respective solo live performances continuing into the Fall, while Peter Tork has dropped out of sight completely. Check out a great video of the Monkees performing 'Last Train To Clarksville' with all four band members on stage in 1991:

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