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The Most Expensive Airbnb In Texas Will Only Cost You Over $13,000 Dollars a stay. It's called the "Serene 2 House Compound" and it's only $13,324.00 for a three-night stay, plus it comes with what I think is a pretty stern warning, here's what I'm talking about.

The space
*Please note, that this property does not allow smoking, prolonged drinking, and partying outside. If you’re a smoker or a disrespectful, loud, or rowdy group, THIS SPACE IS NOT FOR YOU. The Property has outdoor cameras and noise detection devices that are monitored at all times.* Source: Airbnb Serene 2 House Compound

Yes, this listing claims to be monitored by cameras and "noise detection devices" at all times. That in itself blew me away. I've always thought that Austin is a pretty eccentric and a fun-crazy weird kind of city. Yet it's a great city to visit and take in all its awesome Texas history.

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So, when you get ready to go visit Austin and take 24 of your besties here's a great place to spend a few nights at the "Serene 2 House Compound." Live like a local and find out for yourself what this newly developed, 2 home compound is that's only a few minutes from downtown Austin.

Bask in the Texan sun by the pool or through those huge picturesque windows. The perfect vacation rental in East Austin is just a few blocks from Downtown.

This is also a great place for business travelers looking for a comfortable place to stay, sleep, relax and or do business. The best part is it's a short walk to the Convention Center, Rainey Street, downtown Austin, and 10 minutes (by car) from the airport.

This Airbnb does have some strict rules one must abide by and sign off on like:

  • "25 GUEST MAX between the 2 houses.
  • PARKING: 5 dedicated spots total
  • No Parking on the street
  • Please ask before booking if you are bringing more than 5 vehicles
  • Airbnb only calculates fees for up to 16 guests
  • If more than 16 Guests, please indicate how many by messaging the host
  • Please note: Additional person fees will apply

Remember to take lots of pictures and don't forget to share them with us.

Source: Joybird / Airbnb

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