There's a world out there that has a dark underbelly and is ruled by notorious criminal organizations. I'm talking about gangs right here in the United States. From the streets of New York to the boulevards of Los Angeles, these gangs have staked out their territories. They instill fear wherever they go.

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Our nation has no shortage of gangs. In fact, every state has them. The lifestyle website Femanin looks deep into these organizations. In their article gallery, they call attention to the most dangerous gangs in each of the 50 states. Some of these names you probably already know, and some are more newly formed. Either way spells danger. Keep reading and I'll introduce you to some of the most notorious gangs and the states with which they're associated.


Police Launch Raid On Head Hunters Gang
Photo: Getty Images

Alabama: All Profits Gang (APG)

Alaska: The Crips

Arizona: Bloods and Crips

Arkansas: Hoover's Folk Nation

California: The 38th Street Gang

Colorado: The Crips

Connecticut: Latin Kings

Delaware: MGS Gang

Florida: Zoe Pound

Georgia: The Bloods

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Hawaii: The Company

Idaho: S.V.C. (Severely Violent Criminal)

Illinois: The Gangster Disciples

Indiana: Sons Of Silence

Iowa: C Block

Kansas: The 51st Street Crips

Kentucky: Neighborhood Gangs

Louisiana: The 3-N-G Gang

Maine: NETA

Maryland: MS-13

Blood Gang Members Talk About Tookie Williams Case
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Massachusetts: Lenox Street Boys

Michigan: Seven Mile Bloods

Minnesota: The Native Mob

Mississippi: Mara-Sulvatrucha

Missouri: Kansas City Crime Family

Montana: The Nortenos

Nebraska: Hells Angels MC

Nevada: 311 Boyz

New Hampshire: Nine Trey Bloods

New Jersey: Brick Squad

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

New Mexico: Sinaloa Cartel

New York: Mac Baller Brims

North Carolina: The Hidden Valley Kings

North Dakota: Native Mob

Ohio: The Executioners

Oklahoma: Hoover Crips

Oregon: European Kindred

Pennsylvania: Latin Kings

Rhode Island: The Trinitarios

South Carolina: G-Shine

Federal Agents Target Immigrant Gangs On Long Island
Photo: Getty Images

South Dakota: Native Mob

Tennessee: Mara Salvatrucha

Texas: Barrio Azteca

Utah: Soldiers Of Aryan Culture

Vermont: Street Gangs

Virginia: Dead Man Incorporated

Washington: Bandidos Motorcycle Club

West Virginia: Bloods

Wisconsin: Spanish Cobras

Wyoming: Various

Law Enforcement Officials Announce Large Scale Drug Bust
Photo: Getty Images

The United States is no stranger to the havoc caused by these notorious gangs. From shootings in the streets of Chicago to drugs in the neighborhoods of Miami, these criminal organizations leave their mark. They stand for violence and terrorize our towns.

To me, it's imperative that neighborhoods and law enforcement work hand in hand. Only through everyone's effort can we hope to keep our communities safe.

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