What's the most popular chocolate candy in America? I would have immediately said Snickers. It just seems like the 'go to' candy bar. But I would be wrong. Here are the top ten ranked by annual sales and by number of units sold. We love our chocolate!

10. ALMOND JOY ($60.8 million revenue, 62.2 million units)
9.   MILKY WAY ($70.2 million revenue, 84 million units)
8.   HERSHEY'S COOKIES 'N' CREME($80.4 million, 102.5 million)
7.   3 MUSKETEERS ($100.7 million revenue, 102.5 million units)
6.   TWIX ($169.9 million revenue, 153.4 million units)
5.   KIT KAT ($201.8 million revenue, 202.5 million units)
4.   HERSHEY'S ($249 million revenue, 264.6 million units)
3.   SNICKERS ($386.2 million revenue, 405.3 million units)
2.   REESE'S CUPS ($398.9 million revenue, 366.2 million units)
1.   M&M'S ($406.7 million revenue, 417.7 million units)

Anybody hungry for chocolate right now? If you want to see the history of these awesome treats, just go to where I sourced the info at CNBC.com.  What's your favorite chocolate candy?