Motörhead have welcomed guitarist Phil Campbell back to active duty following his recent health scare — and issued a warning to the rumormongers who spread false reports of his death.

After canceling three shows while Campbell recuperated from an undisclosed illness, the band took the stage in Gothenburg, Sweden, last night, later posting pictures from the show and thanking the "great crowd" for coming out. But in a separate post, they had harsher words for those who stoked fears of Campbell's demise.

"Gothenburg rocked it, Motörhead rocked it, Philip Anthony Campbell double rocked it and the tour is alive and kicking teeth and ears in again!" reads the note. "For ALL members of the media who engage in the modern-age bloodsport of celebrity death-watch-by-internet-rumor-spreading, we hope you feel the shame and shoddiness of your 'work.'"

This isn't the first time this year that the band's felt the need to defend itself against inaccurate information. During the spring, they were forced to cancel their Monsters of Rock set due to what was described as "gastric distress and dehydration" experienced by frontman Lemmy Kilmister, and given the spate of health woes he's faced in recent years, some assumed there were more serious issues at play — theories later forcefully denied in a statement decrying "f---ing irresponsible reporting."

With Campbell recovered, Motörhead face a busy concert schedule that sees them touring Europe through late February. For more details and ticketing information, visit the band's official website.

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