If the news of Motörhead's new line of officially endorsed sex toys caught you off guard, you're in pretty good company: Frontman Lemmy admits he didn't know about the deal until it was already done.

"They do a deal with our manager, then he tells us and it’s too late to change it. The sex toy thing was a surprise, but it seems to be working out," he explained during a recent interview with Uproxx. Asked whether he's had any feedback from fans, he said he hadn't, but predicted, "I’m sure I’ll get some, though."

While he may not have been consulted on that particular deal, Lemmy insisted he isn't always in the dark about the band's merchandising activities. Their new line of whisky, for instance, was developed with his input. Though he admitted he doesn't "drink it regularly," he noted, "I chose it out of five they brought us. ... We still need whisky for the crew, and they like it. A lot." But Motörhead fans always want new music more than band-branded liquor or personal massage products, and though it'll be awhile before we see a new studio album out of the group — their most recent effort, Bad Magic, is just weeks old — Lemmy said there's a possibility they could put out another live LP soon.

"We tape the occasional one just to see that we're keeping up, you know what I mean? We might possibly release another live album down the line," he mused. "We've got a European tour in the fall, you know, so we might do something in London for the 40th anniversary. Forty years this year."

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