Neal Schon hasn't even finished work on the upcoming Santana record that reunites the band's original lineup, but he's already eager to get the group out on the road.

Schon shared his enthusiasm for the project in a new Facebook post, wishing a "great week" to all of his followers and announcing, "We are wrapping up Santana IV this week. Sounds amazing!"

He also hinted at some potential future plans for the band in the comments section, saying, "This record is going to take over the world. I just hope management gets it together for us to tour together as I WILL Tour with Carlos either way. It's way too happening to not. World domination once again."

Schon's excitement is understandable, given that, as Santana told Ultimate Classic Rock in an exclusive interview last year, "Neal is the one that brought the band back together. He stayed on me like a laser beam for about a year, chasing me everywhere, man — restaurants and shopping malls — and he would be there and say, 'Man, Carlos, man, we gotta do a thing together, you and I, man.'"

Given Schon's continued commitment to Journey, fitting new Santana dates into his already crowded concert calendar will be no easy task — and Schon also has his new Vortex solo album scheduled to arrive in May. At the moment, it looks like Journey are the only one of Schon's many projects that won't be putting out a new record anytime soon; as he told a commenter who asked him to try and convince keyboardist Jonathan Cain to get back in the studio with the band, "It's like pulling teeth."

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