I've been a HUGE fan of Neil Diamond for decades. As a matter of fact, he's my all-time favorite artist. That's why I'm extra happy today!

This morning, my friend Britta (a fellow Diamond fan) alerted me to the video for his new song called "Something Blue". She said, "Neil Diamond AND puppies? This had YOU written all over it!"

Britta knows me all too well...

I like the song because it has that classic 60's Neil Diamond feel to it. The best stuff he ever did, in my opinion, were the 'simple' songs like "Cherry, Cherry", "Girl You'll be a Woman Soon", "The Boat That I Row" and "Red, Red Wine".

I like the video because...well...PUPPIES! Those are all rescue dogs...two of which are Diamond's own adoptees. Can this dude get any cooler?!?!

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