Oh, how times have changed. If you want to develop a deep, meaningful relationship with someone and never really have to speak to them, you are in luck. 'cause there is an App for that.

Yes, these days there is an app for everything. The app Happy Couple has more than 1,000 quizzes. You and your partner answer five questions a day. According to Glamour magazine,  It kinda sounds a bit like a modern Newlywed Game:

Each time you play, you answer a question like "How does so-and-so keep track of the tasks on his plate?" and "What are so-and-so's feelings about monogamy?" for both yourself and your partner. Then you determine whether or not the answers match to see how well you know each other. There's also a chat line for you to talk about each other's answers.

Now, most of this idea actually sounds great. My only suggestion is, why not talk to each other about your answers instead of using the chat line? Really, talking is a good thing.

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