We finally get an up close and personal look at the monsters infecting the wastelands in Naughty Dog's The Last of Us.

There are no two ways about it; the post-human monsters in The Last of Us are some gruesome baddies. We saw glimpses of the beasts when the game was first announced, but since then Naughty Dog has been focusing on Joel and Ellie more than the things lurking in the shadows. With this latest batch of screenshots, that's no longer the case.

In addition to some atmospheric location shots, the primary focus of this batch of screens is undoubtedly the transformed humans running wild throughout the post-apocalyptic lands. How the infected will play into the story remains to be seen, but with just a few months until we can get our hands on The Last of Us, the wait shouldn't be too hard to manage.

Check out the screens below, and let us know if you're looking forward to The Last of Us in the comments.