As calls continue for the four people still holed up in the Malheur Wildlife Sanctuary in Oregon to leave, a new group of protesters are making their voice known over the LeVoy Finnicum shooting.

A group known as the Pacific Patriots made their large presence felt in Burns, OR as dozens and dozens of cars drove up and down the streets of the town this last weekend. They were waving flags and honking horns in support of LeVoy Finnicum, who was fatally shot by law enforcement outside the Wildlife Refuge.

Officials with this newly arrived group are demanding an investigation and accountability by the FBI, State Troopers and all other law enforcement agencies involved over the controversial fatal shooting of Ammon Bundy's 'right-hand' man.

The Pacific Patriots also called for the four people to leave the Refuge peacefully, and also issued this message, according to NW Cable News:

"The community is very upset about the shooting and so what we're asking is that while the investigation takes place that those officers are held in custody during the investigation just like anybody else would have to go through," said Brandon Curtiss, with Pacific Patriots Network. He said his group is seeking justice through unarmed protests in Burns."


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