President Barack Obama has always been “down” with the young voters. He knows how to dance, he sings, he knows what these kids are saying these days, and he knows how to text. Turns out the latter will be his most important talent in the upcoming election.

In what surely qualifies as one of the first large-scale examples of political fundraising through texting, Obama’s reelection campaign will begin accepting donations via text message this week.

Supporters will be able to make contributions of $50 or less by texting the word “GIVE” to 62262. Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular customers will be able to donate before the week is out. AT&T customers are expected to be added at a later date.

According to Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina, the text-to-donate program will pave the way for smaller donations from those who can only afford a certain amount.

“Grassroots giving is powering this campaign,” Messina said. “Accepting small donations by text message will help us engage even more grassroots supporters who want to play a role by donating whatever they can afford to the campaign.”

This program could, experts say, create an entirely new source of charitable donations for political campaigns, and will be particularly important for Obama, whose fundraising efforts have fallen significantly behind Mitt Romney‘s.

Sounds like a good idea. Let’s just hope people can tear themselves away from ‘Angry Birds’ long enough to give. But the real fear no one seems to be acknowledging is butt texting. Would stink to be out $50 just cause your cell was in your back pocket.

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