While Tumblr's 'NiceGuysofOKCupid' is now sadly defunct, the online dating site OKCupid has gotten even creepier with the release of their new blind date app. This can't possibly end well. 

The app is called 'Crazy Blind Date' and is available for both iPhone and Android. It works like this: the user picks both the venue and the night of the week that they want to meet up with their blind date and the app does the rest. 'Crazy Blind Date' then finds a compatible person, sends out a confirmation and opens an anonymous IM so the two people can talk one hour before the date. So romantic! So classy!

It gets worse though: users can also vouch for their date by purchasing 'Kudos' on their behalf, as a sort of weird reward for good behavior. Basically, the more 'Kudos' you have from other people, the more likely it is that you'll be assigned to other dates in the future. Which, in our opinion, is a really dumb idea and reeks of high school popularity contests, but hey! Sam Yagan, aka the co-founder of OKCupid thinks it's a fanbloodytastic idea and has even been reported saying that "even a bad date can turn into a good story."

Uhh, and what if you get matched up with a stalker? There can be a lot of crazies online, if the OKCupid tag on Tumblr is any indication. Call us old-fashioned but this app sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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