If you had roof damage in the recent thunderstorms, be careful who you pick to do the repairs.  The Abilene Better Business Bureau has counted 79 roofing contractors new to Abilene since that April 24th hail storm.

That means 79 mostly non-local businesses, several of which may be completely inexperienced or outright scammers.

It pays to do your homework when it comes to a new roof.  It's just about the most important part of you home construction because it protects what's inside from damage.

Local roofing contractors are incensed at the influx of brand new contractors to the city, and are urging residents to do the research and hire local.  It's easy enough to pick up a copy of the Yellow Pages and find a list of local roofing companies who can be easily checked out by the Better Business Bureau.  And if you hire a contractor who does shoddy work, you only ending up paying twice to repair the roof.  And the second time won't be covered by your insurance.

The BBB urges homeowners to get several bids on roofing work, check out the contractor with them, make sure that contractor is bonded, and never pay in advance for any work.   In addition, a contract for a roofing job should include a physical - preferably local - address and phone number for the company, along with a written description of the work.

The Better Business Bureau in Abilene can be reached by phone at 325-691-1533.  They have a list of accredited roofers.   And while you're at it, might be a good idea to get a list of accredited auto repair businesses too.  It looks like a tent city for hail repair in Abilene these days!

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