What a great night! I had the chance to see Paul McCartney in concert at the Verizon Center in Little Rock this past weekend. He did not disappoint. He performed to a sold out crowd and Arkansas loved him.

And why not? He's Paul McCartney. I went with a childhood friend of mine, Jennifer. We've loved the Beatles and Paul since we were 6 years old. I love the fact that Sir Paul needs no opening act. He needs no introduction. The lights in the arena went down slowly as the lights on stage came to life. Paul walked on stage in a Beatle jacket and his famous bass guitar and the crowd went nuts. Then we hear the famous first chords of "A Hard Day's Night" and I think that was when I started crying and I couldn't stop the waterworks.

Both Jennifer and I giggled and squealed and did I mention I cried? (Note to self: If I have the chance to see Paul again. I must bring tissue). Jennifer squealed and screamed with her hands around her head and neck. Seriously, I think people probably thought we needed help . . . like professional help.

The show was phenomenal! Paul played for three solid hours and he never took a break. At one point he called us "Little Rock and Roll" and the crowd went nuts again. l Paul played a total of 38 songs from the Beatles songs to the Wings to his solo work. He played a few new songs and one song going way back to the Quarrymen.

One of the highlights was when he started talking about how Little Rock was where the civil rights movement started with the Little Rock Nine. He remembered seeing it on TV in England and it ultimately was the inspiration for his song "Black Bird."

During his encore, he said that it was getting late and that he needed to go home and we did too. Of course everyone replied with a big "NO!!!" As Paul left the stage he said he'd be back. He better! What a night! Thank you Paul! We love you!

Ugh! My phone isn't that great with photos. Luckily I found these on Verizon Arena's Facebook page by Nelson Chenault III.

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