Vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan has gotten a lot of flak for the level of misstatements in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. It seems the criticism isn’t limited to his statements on politics and government.

Ryan is a notorious fitness junkie. Shortly after he joined Mitt Romney’s campaign, news broke that Ryan was a devoted advocate and user of the P90X program. He was also a long distance runner and jogger and he claims he posted an amazing time in a radio show interview, according to Runner’s World Magazine.

He claimed that he broke the three-hour mark in a marathon, a time that would make him the fastest political candidate in recent memory, according to the magazine.

Runner’s World couldn’t find any numbers to back up this claim. A spokesman for Ryan later told the magazine the race he was referring to happened during the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minn. in 1991 during his college years. The magazine checked the records and found he actually finished just over four hours.

Ryan released a statement acknowledging the error and the criticism he received for his statement. He also said members of his own family offered some criticism for his claim in the form of “a good ribbing over this at dinner.”

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