A California man has filed a proposed bill that would allow the state government, and common citizens, to execute known homosexuals.

Matt McLaughlin of Huntington Beach filed a proposal with the Initiative Coordinator at the office of the Attorney General last week.  His proposal, known as the Sodomite Suppression Act, looks to criminalize homosexuality and the distribution of "sodomistic propaganda", with extreme punishments.

Citing that it is better for homosexuals to die rather than subject the rest of humanity to God's wrath, McLaughlin proposes that homosexuals should be "put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method."  McLaughlin's proposal would also put the power of execution in the public's hands, allowing citizens to enforce the law after one year of government inactivity after due notice of violation, and receiving reimbursement for any lawyer fees and expenses in enforcement of the law.

For those found guilty of distribution of sodomistic propaganda, the punishment includes a $1 million fine for each occurrence, imprisonment up to 10 years, and excommunication from the state of California. The Sodomite Suppression Act would also prevent homosexuals and distributors of sodomistic propaganda from serving in public office, serving in public employment, or receiving any public benefit.

After filing and paying the $200 registration fee, McLaughlin's next step would be to get 365,000 signatures from California residents.

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