You may have heard, or seen online, stories about so-called "Death Clocks," or ways to predict how many years you have left on the glove. Using a variety of information sources, your age, health, medical conditions, illnesses etc etc. they predict what year or so you're going to die. Now, it's taken on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

The London Daily Mail, or Daily Mail as it's now known, has published a story about scientists who have embarked upon the most ambitious medical technology project ever, building a computer that will predict exactly how much time you have left.

Researchers at the University of East Anglia are compiling a massive amount of data and information, in an attempt to program a computer that will enable them to pinpoint to at least the day when you will 'depart.'  The project is funded by an 800,000 pound (the British Dollar) grant, and if successful the project will be utilized by the British Healthcare System.

Researchers say the ultimate goal is to encourage people to make better health and financial decisions, and take steps to prolong their life with wellness. That's all good, but to use it's a little creepy to know there could very well be a computer that will predict when you die!  We can just see people running around (literally) panicking about what to do get healthier.

Of course, the computer CANNOT predict accidents, fluke incidents and other factors that can happen. But it almost seems like Alvin Toffler's book Futureshock is coming to life.  Futureshock was a 1960's book about what happens when man's ability to keep up with his technology and creations fails.  Sometimes we're actually smarter and more creative than what we can comprehend.


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