Like many, my first impression of Richard Marx was a good one. His debut hit 'Don't Mean Nothing' featuring a slick Joe Walsh guitar riff still creeps back into my head from time to time, nearly three decades later. What would follow for Marx is nearly a decade filled with an impressive string of hits. In honor of Richard's catchy tunes, we've compiled the best of his official music videos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Don't Mean Nothing

Should've Known Better

Endless Summer Nights

Hold On to the Nights


Right Here Waiting


Too Late to Say Goodbye

Children of the Night

Keep Coming Back


Take This Heart

Chains Around My Heart

Now & Forever

Silent Scream

The Way She Loves Me

Until I Find You Again

Slipping Away

Angel's Lullaby

At the Beginning (With Donna Lewis)

When You're Gone

Ready to Fly

Whatever We Started

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